When it comes to the best selling hot Christmas toys of 2015, the first thing that comes in mind is whether it is cost effective and fun to play with. There are many toys available in the market both expensive and inexpensive, but finding out the best one is quite difficult. The age and interest of your child matters most while selecting a toy. The best toys that can be brought for children are;

Banner for hot toys 2015Toys for initial days

If you have a newborn in the house, it is best to buy toys that are simple and attractive. Plush toys and soft toys are ideal for this age. An infant bouncer is also a good idea to keep your baby engaged.

Make & Break Blocks

Colorful and attractive blocks keep children of age 2-4 years engaged for long hours. These kinds of toys help children grow their creativity and logical thinking. Various item like house, vehicles and other common shapes can be made by joining these blocks.

Educational toys

Ideal for preschoolers, these toys can be fun for children as they learn while playing. Parents generally like these toys most as it enhances the overall development of your children. Science toys and paper crafting toys, coloring sets can improve the creativity of your child.

Clay Modeling

Clay modeling sets can give life to the imaginations of your kids. They make different sort of structures and models while playing.

Musical toys

Toy keyboards and guitars are best way to promote musical skills of your children. They are best for children with musical interests. These toys resemble actual musical instruments and are good for developing knowledge for music in young minds.

Cars and dolls

These are best ever toys that can be brought for your children. Cars are mostly like by boys while girls love to play with dolls. So you can buy as many varieties you want to make your children happy.

Kitchen sets and doctor sets

Children like to imitate adults and you may buy them kitchen or doctor sets so that they make their own world. There is a popular one this year featured at christmas toy sites. They pretend as doctors or moms with such toys and play happily. Kitchen utensil sets are mostly liked by girls.

Video games

Nowadays teens are more technology savvy and have good hands on video games and gadgets. They like to play and learn through computers, phones etc. Video games are much popular and liked among teens.

Riding toys

Although expensive, riding toys can be one of the best gifts for children. Mini scooter or a three wheeler ride can help children play outside home. Bicycles are ideal for children of age 5-16 years. A riding toy will add a lot of activity in your child’s routine and aid in his physical development.

Board games

Board games are best for preschoolers and elementary school children. It helps children learn colors, shapes, numbers and even rhymes. Separate board games are also available for older children according to their ability to solve problems.

Moreover, there are various other children toys available for you to buy, make sure it best suits your child’s interest and activities. Buying a toy can be challenging yet rewarding if it aids in overall development of your child and most importantly make your child happy with it.